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Yoga has been proven helpful during various stages of life, including pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many changes, such as changes in body shape and size, fluctuations in hormone levels, etc. During the first trimester, the body experiences a sudden surge of hormones, which greatly confuses the body. Thus, indulging in activities that help calm the body down is essential. Women must perform light yoga poses during pregnancy to maintain a healthy body for the baby.

Yoga Poses During First Trimester

Several asanas, even for first-trimester yoga for beginners, can help relax your body muscles. Here are some guide that you must include in your pregnancy routine:
  1. Easy Pose
  2. Cat and Cow Pose
  3. Low Lunge Pose
  4. Downward Dog
  5. Dolphin Pose
Easy Pose

Firstly, sit on the floor or the mat with your legs crossed. Then, place one of your hands on your heart and the other below your belly. Straighten your back to make it erect. Now, meditate and take 5-10 deep long breaths. This pose helps release stress, especially from the back muscles and helps you to concentrate on the positivity during pregnancy.

Cat and Cow Pose

In this asana, there are two simultaneous poses that you need to alternate between - the cat pose and the cow pose. Get down on your knees and bend forward to place your palms on the ground. Make sure your elbows are straight. Now, pull your head inwards by pushing your back outwards. This is the cat pose. After a few seconds, reverse the position by pushing your head outwards and your back inwards. This is the cow pose. Repeat the same for a set of three.

Low Lunge Pose

The low lunge pose helps relax the leg muscles and hips. First, get on your knees and put one foot forward, making it touch the ground. This is quite similar to a lunging pose. Now, erect your spine and inhale deeply. As you exhale, push your hands towards the sky by over-arching the lower back. Continue the same for a set of three times.

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​Downward Dog

With your feet and palms touching the ground, raise your hips, chest, and knees. Do this till only your palms and toes remain on this ground. This is the downward dog position. It helps greatly in reducing the overall muscle tension in the body. Hold your position for 15 seconds and then slowly return to the supine position, with your back lying on the ground and your hands and head.

Dolphin Pose

The Dolphin Pose works best if you are working on the muscles of your back, shoulders, and calves. Begin by lying in a plank position. Now, push your hip upwards and your head inwards while you inhale without disturbing the toes and the hands. Hold for 15 seconds. While exhaling, return to your normal plank position and repeat for a set of three.

Wrapping Up

During pregnancy's first trimester, yoga shall be highly beneficial for you as it helps shape and tone the muscles in your body. This helps your baby to remain healthy within your body. Another thing to consider during pregnancy is stem cell preservation for your baby. One of the leading stem cell banks in India is Cryoviva Biotech. Our cord blood bank is based in Haryana and has served parents to preserve their kids' stem cells securely since 2006.

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